What "Move-In Ready" Really Means, and Whether a Move-In Home Is Right For You

Madison Group January 12, 2024

Move-in ready is a common phase in real estate, often interpreted as a property available for immediate occupancy. The implication is if you sign closing docs at noon, you can occupy the house at 12:01 PM. As a buyer, it's a claim you see a lot in online listings, but it doesn't always convey what the seller intends.

In fact, move-in ready carries far more significant meaning than simply the timing of when a purchased home can welcome its new owners. It possesses particular implications for a discerning luxury homebuyer, including if a move-in ready home fits your current lifestyle and residential or investment needs.

Let's explore what "move-in ready" means, the advantages and potential drawbacks and determine whether a move-in home is right for you.

What is a move-in ready home?

From a purely technical standpoint, move-in ready means any home that meets all of the following conditions:

  • Is structurally sound, with undamaged walls, windows and flooring, and a roof with a sizable portion of its usable life remaining 
  • Meets local building codes for safety and habitability
  • Features properly functioning systems, including the property's HVAC, plumbing, and appliances
  • Free from pests and is maintained in a generally clean, well-kept state
A move-in ready home is essentially a property prepared for immediate occupancy. This means that from the moment you turn the key in the door, the house is equipped to meet all your essential living requirements without needing immediate repairs or renovations.

Characteristics of a move-in ready home

When contemplating a move-in ready home, context does matter. It's worth noting that move-in ready doesn't imply a newly built home or one with high-end luxury finishes.

For example, a newly built country estate where the buyer is responsible for furnishing and installing their own appliances is not considered move-in ready. Nor is a fully renovated home that leaves the roof untouched with fewer than five years left of usable life.

It's more about functionality and less about aesthetic appeal or the latest design trends.

That said, while all move-in ready homes adhere to basic standards, there is an expectation that high-end luxury homes will meet a higher level of scrutiny.

Going back to our appliance example, while a standard move-in ready home is expected to have a working refrigerator, that doesn't mean it will be energy-efficient or part of a matching set (all the same finish or brand). For a luxury home, the expectation is the appliance set matches and is EnergyStar-rated, even if it's not a high-end bespoke brand.

Below is a detailed list of the minimum conditions for a move-in ready home. It's about providing an immediate sense of comfort and functionality. It's a home that doesn't just tick the essential boxes but also resonates with the lifestyle and preferences of discerning buyers, offering a seamless transition into their new living space.

  • Intact roof and well-maintained exterior: A move-in ready home will have a roof and exterior walls built to code, free from leaks and significant wear, ensuring protection from the elements. A key factor is the life of the roof, with the expectation that it retains a sizable portion of its usable life.
  • Well-maintained floors and walls: Expect undamaged walls and floors, though the design and materials might not reflect the latest trends, even in luxury move-in ready residences.
  • Functional windows and secure doors: All windows and doors should operate smoothly and lock securely.
  • Operational plumbing and pipes: Essential to any home, move-in ready properties ensure that all plumbing is in working order and hot and cold water runs appropriately, with no leaks or pending repairs.
  • Up-to-date electrical systems: This includes modern outlets, safe wiring, and an electrical system that can handle today's technology needs.
  • Essential appliances included: As stated, major appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are in good working condition.
  • Efficient heating and cooling systems: The HVAC system should be in good condition, ensuring comfortable living conditions year-round. Similar to appliances, the expectation for a luxury move-in ready home is an efficient HVAC system with advanced, digital temperature control functionality — even if not full smart tech. 
Overall, the home should be livable from the outset without immediate repairs or updates. And don't overlook exterior spaces, particularly those considered integral to a luxury home's immediate livability, including well-maintained landscaping and amenities such as outdoor kitchens or pools.

Advantages of choosing a move-in ready home

There's plenty to be said for convenience and reliability and not having to stress over the need for immediate repairs or upgrades. Additional advantages include:

Fewer overall expenses

Beyond the initial affordability compared to custom homes, a level of certainty comes with buying a move-in ready home. Fewer repair costs or need for immediate upgrades or "future-proofing."

Time-saving convenience

For buyers with demanding schedules or those eager to settle quickly, move-in ready homes eliminate the lengthy process of designing, constructing, or extensively renovating a property.

Peace of mind

The absence of unforeseen renovation challenges and the complexities of coordinating various contractors within the walls of a sound, secure, and properly functioning residence allows you to focus on enjoying your new environment.

Assured quality and comfort

With a move-in ready home, what you see is what you get. This allows you to thoroughly inspect and feel confident about the quality and condition of the property before making a purchase. It also ensures that the home meets your specific expectations from day one.

Resale value and market appeal

Move-in ready homes, particularly in desirable areas like Bergen County, tend to maintain or increase in value. Their broad appeal and the growing demand for homes requiring minimal work make them a sound investment for future resale opportunities.

What to consider before buying a move-in ready home

Of course, move-in ready homes are not necessarily perfect homes. For many homebuyers, the opportunity to purchase to their tastes or have space for updates and renovations trumps the desire for a property that's 100% livable on day one. Additional factors and drawbacks to a move-in ready home include:

Design and customization limitations

Move-in ready homes offer convenience but often lack flexibility for extensive customization. If personalizing your living space, down to the smallest detail, is crucial to you, a move-in ready home might feel restricting. Assessing how much the existing design and layout align with your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs is essential.

Location and community dynamics

Since these homes are typically in pre-developed neighborhoods, you could face limited options regarding property location. Consider whether the community's culture, demographics, amenities and overall atmosphere align with your lifestyle and future plans. The proximity to schools, workplaces, shopping centers, and recreational facilities is also critical.

Lack of architectural uniqueness

Move-in ready homes, particularly those in developments, often feature similar architectural styles and layouts. If having a unique or architecturally distinct home is essential to you, this could be a significant drawback.

Environmental impact

Evaluate the environmental footprint of the home. Older move-in ready homes might not be as energy-efficient or eco-friendly as newer constructions — or costly to convert. This can affect your utility costs, upgrade expenses, and environmental impact.

Future flexibility

Consider your long-term plans and how the property fits into them. Will the home accommodate potential life changes, such as family expansion, or is it flexible enough to adapt to your evolving needs?

Is a Move-In Ready Home in Bergen County Right for You?

Deciding whether a move-in ready home suits your needs entails a deep understanding of your lifestyle, preferences, and long-term goals. For those seeking immediate livability without the challenges of custom building, move-in ready homes in Bergen County offer an enticing blend of elegance, convenience, and efficiency. However, if your vision of a dream home includes bespoke elements and a location of your choosing, exploring custom options might be more fitting.

To help you navigate the choices available in Bergen County's luxury real estate market, contact The Madison Group today to begin your home-buying journey. Allow our team's years of experience and expertise to assist you in finding and securing the perfect luxury residence, whether it's move-in ready or ready for your custom touch to start your new life in Bergen County.


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