A Unique Approach

At eXp we are breaking the franchise model as the most agent-centric brokerage on the planet. Part of what makes eXp Realty unique is that our agents can receive revenue share from the people they sponsor into the company. Sustainability is one of the fundamental and core values of eXp Realty and it is the collective intent of the agents and brokers of eXp Realty to attract credible, ethical and productive real estate professionals who are aligned with eXp Realty’s culture and core values. If agent attraction is of interest to you, we arm you with all the right tools to attract with integrity.



Then after you cap, THROW A PARTY

Because after that you only pay…

$250 Transaction Fee at Closing (max $5000 per year, then it reduces to only $75 per closing for the rest of the year)

If you are on a Team this fee is shared, so you pay a fraction of the fee.


  • $149 Once
    • First monthly fee of $85 (see below)
    • 1 time set-up fee of $64.
  • Total of $85 per month:
    • $50 for Technology fee – includes Skyslope transaction management software, KVCore CRM, and eXp World
    • $35 per Month for exp University Tuition, this Includes 160+ Hours of online Training per Month
  • $25 Broker Review per Transaction
  • $40 Risk Management (E&O) Fee ($500 Max/Year) For the Remainder of the Year! *  

        *If you are on a Team this fee is shared, so you pay a fraction of the fee.


Madison Group Benefits

Revenue Share


How It Works


Some brokerages offer profit sharing to agents who sponsor agents into the brokerage. eXp offers revenue sharing which is based on commissions earned from selling real estate, not limited by the profitability of any particular market center. This makes a HUGE difference in the size of your revenue share check.


Single Agent Revenue

eXp pays you 3.5% of the commission earned by any agent you personally sponsor into the company from the company’s portion (up to $2,800 per year) year over year.  

main Revenue Share Overview

Multiple Agent Revenue

Agents also earn residual income from producing agents sponsored into their overall group. For example, if you personally sponsor 5 producing agents into the company, and they sponsor their own producing agents, you can earn up to $3,200 annually for each of those other agents, which represents up to 4% of the gross commission, with no limits up to 7 levels deep.


eXp Stock

  • eXp Realty is a publicly traded company and is listed with the NASDAQ. Stocks go up. Stocks go down. No guarantees or promises of performance are made here. But, how much stock you getting with your current brokerage??
  • Agents can earn or purchase shares in several ways:
  • AT NO COST (“Awarded Shares”):
    • $200 in stock awarded for the first transaction of your anniversary year
    • $400 in stock to any agent or broker who caps (pays a full $16,000 over the year to eXp)
    • $400 in stock for each agent you sponsor into the company upon that agent’s FIRST closing.
    • There is a 3 year vesting period before awarded (vs. purchased) shares “vest” or belong to the agent. This encourages stability by giving agents an incentive to stay with eXp in order to benefit from the Equity Awards program.


Experienced agents may choose to become certified as mentors, giving a helping hand to new agents in the company. New agents are required to use the mentor program for their first few transactions and give 10% of their commission on those deals to their mentor. This provides an excellent opportunity for agents to leverage their experience to help others while also receiving compensation.

Madison Group has found its forever home at eXp Realty.

Our Mission is Building Beautiful Lives!  For our Sellers, Buyers, other Agents and perfect strangers on the street.

Let us help you find your Forever Home and a more Beautiful Life!

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Let's Grow Together

Who is Helping you Build your Business? Real Estate is typically not a team sport. At eXp Realty it is! Most agents will not show you their secret sauce, share what is working for them and help you grow. The model at eXp Realty was built to encourage agents to be collaborative. Michele personally ensures she will help you get the most out of your Real Estate career. She wants to help you build the business that you have dreamed of. The Founder of eXp, Glenn Sanford is always adding value to the agents, new ways to help build our businesses; such as our Luxury Division, Commercial, Express Offers (iBuyer Program), Relocation, Affinity, REO, exclusive partnerships, special price and so much more!

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